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Double Birthday Bash for ZIN’s Yoshi and Luy at Shinsaibashi SOMA

“Nise Moratorium” contributed to an incredibly chaotic end to the night. The chaos was not only limited to multiple rounds of fans throwing themselves over the rails to be piled onto by those behind, with Orochi joining in the madness for a period of time while making efforts to pull Riku from the stage. Luy also took this opportunity to deprive the vocalist of his cat ears by ripping them off with his teeth, to Riku’s great—and audible—distress. As the crowd became worn down, the band regrouped onstage for a final, riotous celebration before retiring from the stage for the night, leaving behind their exhausted but fully satisfied fans.

Check out the full live report at ROKKYUU Magazine!

me: im so bored
me: i have nothing to do
me: i wish i had something to do
basic responsibilities: yo
me: not u
me: anyway
me: im so bored
me: i have nothing to do

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